Special Invite for our Sex Positive Meetup® Group

This is a Special invite for our Sex Positive Meetup Group ONLY! You may invite a partner or friend IF they live in the Vegas area AND they are comfortable with sex and sexuality. This is a professional program, not a sexual event. However, due to the nature of the treatment and goals of this program, participants MUST be comfortable with nudity, access to treatment areas and frank discussion.

The proceedures (everything will be discussed and fully explained prior to participation and participants can decline anything they are not comfortable with).

Due to demand we are developing training programs for physicians and home DIY kits & training.

Vegas locals give us a unique opportunity to develop and test training programs as if they recieved them by mail/online AND will have personal (in-office) training and support.

will be instructed and treated in our office. This will help us design the videos for home instruction.

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